Kona-Pipeline Porter

Kona Porter

Overall: B

Price: B

Taste: B

Type: 12 oz Bottle

5.4% ABV-23 IBU

Oh man…Kona.  I love Kona brewing company.  Well, I love them now, having been to Kona, HI and experienced the wonder that is their brewery and brewpub. Based on Longboard (their most readily available brew), I don’t think I would have even liked them.  It’s not that Longboard is a terrible beer, it’s just very bland.  But anyway, let’s talk about this Porter. I think the Coffee Porter may be the only widely available example of what Kona does so well at their brewery.  They take local ingredients from Hawaii and use them to create one of a kind beers, whether that’s a yeast strain that only grows in lava fields or an imperial stoudt drowned in dark malts and kona coffee.  This porter shows off a little of that artistic flair. The beer pours a purplish brown with a light brown head.  It’s got full notes of chocolate, toffee, prunes, a little hops, and a lot of malt, but it’s especially dominated by that fresh Kona coffee taste.  If you’re a stout or porter drinker who really likes coffee, this is a great option for the price  (about 10 dollars a six pack).  It’s not a perfect porter by any means, but if you haven’t tried Kona, this is a good introduction.  However, they still have way better options available at the Brewery in Hawaii, and I wonder why they don’t release some of those on special occasions.  It would expand their consumer base, and promote the true quality and depth of the brewery.  For now, this is the best we’ve got.

In Conclusion: A great introduction to what Kona has to offer.  Not the best porter in America, but pretty unique.  If you’re a coffee drinker who dabbles in darker beers, this might be a nice introduction to the Porter style.

Food Pairing: Cheesecake, Creme Brulee, Fruit Tarts, and Strawberries with cream.  Anything fruity, creamy, and sweet.

Bart, a woman is like beer. They look good, they smell good, and you’d step over your own mother just to get one!

-Homer Simpson


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