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Second Game!

In my Winter Harvest article, I talked about Magic Hat’s Humdinger series.  Most of these are pretty widely available, but I didn’t know about them, so I thought they might be hard to find.  The prize for this game is the bottle that you find.  Bring me the receipt, and I will pay you back for it.  Here’s the game.

Find a bottle of Magic Hat Humdinger Graupel and take a picture of it with a newspaper or magazine (for date), then bring me the receipt.  Email the picture to


That’s all!  Good luck, and play nice!


First Game!


I’m going to start running free NYC beer games for anyone who’s interested in playing along.

Mikkeller, the gypsy brewery that brews the novelty beer 1000 IBUs (which I just reviewed, thank you very much), makes an incredible line of single hopped beers, each one utilizing a different hop’s taste.  While Mikkeller’s can be expensive, they’re almost always worth it.  The single-hop series is another shining example in their long line of success.  As a prize to whoever can find the following Mikkeller’s beer, I offer one bottle of single hop IPA (the hop is your choice).  Obviously, you have to be 21 to play.  You can pick up your beer at the next Two Girls, One Pint event if you win.



Find a Bottle or Draft of Mikkeller’s Not Just Another Wit, and take a picture of yourself with the beer and a newspaper.

MIkkeller's Not Just Another Wit

You do not have to buy the beer, just find it.  Also send in the location where you found it. It’s literally that simple.

Good luck searching, and have fun!