New York City Craft Beer Festival-Winter Harvest

NYC Winter Harvest

As stated above, I went with Two Girls One Pint to the New York City Craft Beer Festival, Winter Harvest.  I’ve been to several beer festivals in the past, but Winter Harvest had to have the most diverse selection of brews I’ve seen.  Some of the highlights were Dogfish Head Ta Henket (which tasted like Pizza), the Magic Hat Humdinger Series, anything by Alphabet City Brewing Company, and Founders Breakfast Stout (which you already know I have a deep passion for).  There were a lot of other great beers, but I could spend hours writing about those without getting very specific.  Really quickly though, I wanted to focus in on the Magic Hat Humdinger series.  Magic Hat was one of the first craft breweries that I got into, and before Ommegang, was the largest stepping stone in my journey into craft beer.  However, I had a misconception that their beer stylings sort of ended and began with their basic line of craft beer (OddBall, Circus Boy, Number 9…etc.).  I was so wrong.  The Humdinger series, which I had never even heard of before this event, exemplifies everything that craft brewing in America should be.  These beers are epically experimental, deep, and fully realized.  If you haven’t had a Humdinger yet, get one immediately (you can get one for free through my game).  Trying these beers made my festival experience.  The event was great, but discovering Humdinger was definitely the highlight.  And come to the next festival.  I really enjoyed all the food and brew, but what was even more exciting was talking to all the participants and volunteers about their love of beer.  It made me feel like I was part of a much larger beer community in NYC than I had never fully appreciated.  I think everyone should try to attend their next event.  If you do, stop by the Two Girls One Pint stand and say Hi! I’d love to chat.  And, if you win one of the prizes from my games, might be a good place to pick it up.  Hope to see you there! 


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