Hey, this is just a reminder that Two-Girls, One-Pint recently announced their Inaugural NYC Brewery Bus Tour!  Here are the details:

On Saturday September 22, your favorite brewery web-series, Two-Girls, One-Pint, is taking a bus of fifty lucky New Yorkers to three of the Best Breweries on the East coast. We’re starting the day at the Pony Bar in Manhattan.  Once there, everyone should use the bathroom and grab a drink, because then we’re driving our bus out to Pennsylvania (there will be bathrooms on the bus, so don’t FREAK OUT).  On the bus ride out, they’ll be games, entertainment, and maybe even some beer (wink, WINK).  Sooner or later, we’ll arrive at our first destination, Fegley’s Brewery, in Allentown, PA.

Fegley’s are known for their India Pale Ales (I previously reviewed their triple IPA), and their Blueberry Belch, Rude-Elf’s Reserve, ESB, and Chain Link Pilsner (all silver medal winners at the World Beer Championship).  They also have a wide variety of seasonals, as well as fantastic food (just look at their menu:, so we’ll be eating a meal there along with our tasting and tour of the facilities. After we fill up on food and beer at Fegley’s, we’ll take a short drive over to Weyerbacher in Easton, PA, one of the most famous craft breweries in the North-East.

Weyerbacher, renowned for their “huge” beers, have been awarded several times in recent years for their achievements in brewing. In 2010, they took home the bronze at the Great American Beer Festival for their Imperial Pumpkin Ale, and they also received a bronze at the World Beer Cup for their Merry Monks Belgian Style Tripel.  And in 2011, Weyerbacher was awarded a gold at the Great American Beer Festival for one of their famous “anniversary” beers, Sixteen (an incredible modern day Braggot).  Some of their other celebrated brews include a Double Simcoe IPA, a Blithering Idiot Barley-wine (a review of which is coming shortly), and the “Quad”.  They were also one of the first breweries to implement the idea of aging beers in wooden casks, a fad which has now caught on across America.  After a tour and tasting at their superb facilities, we’ll drive the bus back toward the city stopping at our final brewery for the day, Riverhorse, in Lambertville, NJ.

The Riverhorse Brewing Company, located on the Delaware River, is probably best known for their Triple-horse (previously reviewed), Hop Hazard IPA, and Special Amber Ale, all widely available in NYC.  They have several excellent seasonal beers including an awesome Imperial Pumpkin Ale and a smooth Double Wit-Belgian Style Wheat.  They also happen to be New Jersey’s oldest craft brewery.  And, like Fegley’s and Weyerbacher, they have many unique concoctions which are only available for tasting at their facility in New Jersey.  We’ll receive a private tour and another group of tastings at Riverhorse before we head back to the city.   And don’t worry, they’ll be more beer related entertainment on the way back (if everyone’s up for it of course).

Now, get this: Tickets are only 79 bucks! (includes all three tastings, a meal at Fegley’s, the round trip bus ticket, plus games and surprises).  And we’ll back in the city by 9:30pm, in case you want to go out and brag to your friends about all  the amazing things you’ve seen (and drank).  So come on!  Join us!  If you love beer, if you’ve ever wanted to learn more about craft brewing, or if you just want to try some amazing beers that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, this is the tour for you.  I promise, you wouldn’t want to miss this for the world!

Buy your tickets now at:

Any questions? Email me at:


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