Magic Hat-Blind Faith IPA

Type: Bottle

6.2% ABV

60 IBU


Magic Hat makes a series of IPAs and Pale-ales, many of which are quite good.  Sadly, Blind Faith isn’t one of them.  The brew pours a hazy dark copper.  It has a decent malt base.   On tasting, there are immediate notes of stone fruit and creamy fat, but even those feel thin, and any detectable hops are lightly laced into the end.  When the hops finally come on, they evoke a hint of citrus bitterness, but don’t feel specific. Each sip I had tasted different than the one before.  The aromas don’t particularly evoke an IPA, and it certainly doesn’t taste like one.  The hops don’t feel nearly powerful enough.  For example, I think #9 has more hops than this, and that’s a slightly pale ale.  Blind Faith tastes more like a malty pale ale, than a proper British IPA.  I was very disappointed with this beer.  In the past, Magic Hat has fostered a balance of hops and malts, creating some really interesting and unique brews.  Blind Faith just doesn’t add up. The beer provides  a deep syrupy malt, with a hint of hops, and very little to get excited about.  For 10-12 dollars a six pack, it’s a pretty good deal, but the beer is lacking, so ‘ll give it a B for price.

In Conclusion: A decent beer, but not a very good IPA.  I wouldn’t recommend this unless you’re devoted to Magic Hat.

Food Pairing: Roasted garlic, mushrooms, and potatoes.  Slow-roasted meats.

You sit back in the darkness, nursing your beer, breathing in that ineffable aroma of the old-time saloon: dark wood, spilled beer, good cigars, and ancient whiskey – the sacred incense of the drinking man

-Bruce Aidells


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