Unibroue’s Don De Dieu-A Belgian Strong Pale Ale

Don De Dieu

Overall: A-

Price: B

Taste: A

Type: 12oz Bottle

9% ABV-10.5 IBU

Don De Dieu was “commissioned by the King of France to pursue, by the way of the great Canadian waterway, the exploration of this vast and inhospitable land called America”, or says Unibroue.  With this beer, Unibroue could easily continue to explore and expand their share of the North American beer market.  While La Fin Du Monde is probably their best known ale, Unibroue’s Don De Dieu and Trois Pistoles come in as close seconds.    Unibroue have proven themselves consistent beyond belief, and this beer provides another Canadian treat for Belgian fans across America.  It pours a golden pale amber.  Despite being darker then you might expect for a pale ale, the creamy yeasts dominate the darker flavors.  It’s slightly acidic, but the finish is so clean you won’t remember it.  A very drinkable strong ale, thought you might want to take it slow with this one, because after two or three you’ll be gone.  Four packs are 10 to 15 dollars.  That’s not bad considering the outstanding quality and consistency of the brew.  Unibroue is definitely one of the best breweries in North America, and after you have a Don De Dieu, I think you’ll agee.

In Conclusion: A great beer for a decent price, for all occasions when a Belgian Strong Ale is appropriate.  A lighter, hoppier alternative to heavier creamier Dark Ales, Tripels, and Quads.

Food Pairing: All kinds of savory poultry.  Quail, Duck, and Roasted Chicken.  A great beer for large holiday feasts with friends and family.

I drink to make other people interesting.
-George Jean Nathan


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