Flying Dog-Raging Bitch-Belgian IPA

Type: Bottle

8.3% ABV

60 IBU


As a Belgian-IPA, it’s not the best, but also definitely not the worst. Pours Clean Red Amber with a full head.  Tastes a bit like a Belgian Blonde for a millisecond, but then the hops take over.  If you don’t like hops, you won’t like this. There’s an assault of complex hops, acidic, piney, and pungent, with only a waft of Belgian style.  That’s the reason why this beer gets a B+.  It doesn’t quite live up to its Belgian title. Flying Dog makes a fairly good Tripel (Kerberos), and you think they could have brought a little more of that styling to this beer.  That being said, as far as price goes (it’s something like twelve or thirteen dollars a six pack), this is definitely the best of the canis majors, and perhaps the best tasting. For price, this beer deserves an A.

In Conclusion: For price, one of the best beers you can hope to buy.  It’s not really Belgian, but as a refreshing IPA, it’s almost perfect.

Food Pairing: Hearty and spicy foods. Steak, pork chops, lamb, savory breads, and bleu cheese.

“He was a wise man who invented beer.”



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