Dogfish Head-Midas Touch

Type: Bottle
9.0% ABV
12 IBU


Made from a  2700 year old recipe found in the tomb of “King Midas”, this beer is nearly liquid gold.  Midas Touch is a barley based brew with honey, grapes, and light saphron.  It pours a hazy golden yellow, with a medium head.  The beer tastes mostly of the honey and grapes, which is why dogfish head describes it as “between wine and mead”, but behind that is the grainy and creamy barley.  Miraculously, Dogfish has found a way to balance the sweet fruitiness of this beer with savory spices.  That was the real “Midas Touch”.  For price it’s a B+ at about twelve dollars a four pack.  As one of Dogfish’s ancient specialty beers, it’s pretty cheap, considering the others are only available in more expensive champagne bottles.

In Conclusion:  A great beer for special occasions or special meals.  Buy if you’re having a dinner party and you have friends who like white wine.

Food Pairing: Sweet and Succulent dishes with a lot of fresh herbs and spices.  Pork, Fish, Risotto, Curry, and Goat Cheese.

“Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world.”

-Jack Nicholson


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